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Tips Before You Buy a Traditional Bow

The thought of getting some Traditional Archery Supplies can invoke childhood memories of pretending to be Robin Hood and slaying dragons with your mighty last arrow. It is relieving to know that, even if you separate fantasy from fact, you can still participate in Archery and relieve some amazing experiences. Why not create your own adventure after all?! To help you understand what you need to do to find quality equipment and begin your adventure, we have put together a list of tips to consider:

  1. Decide how authentic you want to be.

An entire industry has developed around creating very authentic traditional archery supplies. This is due to the many Hollywood shows and movies and to a subconscious need for us humans to go back to our roots.
At first glance, many people will jump at the opportunity to pick up a cheap bow from the first place they find without considering whether this is what they are truly after.
Before you begin, believe me! Finding a bow is something you should give some thought to! As you probably know, like every other product out there, there are the good and the bad.

For example, even though you might like the idea of using the exact same 200 pound bow as a Medieval warrior, you may find that comfort and convenience should play a role. Fortunately, if you are concerned about this, you will find that there is plenty of room for compromise. With various styles and different materials, anyone can find the look they are after without needing to join a warrior’s camp for a year.

  1. Novices should choose functional over cool

Many people will be attracted to the overly elaborate style of some pieces of traditional archery supplies. We believe this to be an issue for beginners as they are better off focusing on functional equipment. They will always have time later to move up to more “showy” and deluxe supplies. A beginner’s time is better spent on joining a club to learn how to use a traditional bow and arrow effectively. Picking up bad habits by teaching yourself can make more problems than it’s worth. Most of the times once these habits have been picked up they are extremely difficult to shake off.
Learning with a good instructor and with other people will help keep you motivated and allow you to enjoy the sport more.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask around for recommendations.

The archery community can be a very welcoming place where people are free to share what they like and don’t like about their equipment. As one looking to buy some new archery equipment, you should not be afraid to ask other people what you should go after and what they like about their equipment. Unfortunately, we live in a modern world so 90% of people will suggest going for a compound bow or an Olympic recurve as the many modern devices attached to such bows will make hitting the target a whole lot easier.
However, keep in mind that if you want to go and use a Traditional bow there is no better and more fulfilling style of shooting out there. Not only will you tap into your ancestral roots but you will also see what it was like for history’s Archers to shoot one of their famous bows.

By keeping tips like these in mind, you should be well on your way to finding quality traditional archery supplies.

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