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Bearpaw Strongbow – Traditional Star


Get ready to unleash your inner archer with the Bearpaw Traditional Star – an indestructible strongbow that’s fashioned after the legendary English longbow. This bow isn’t just a pretty face – it delivers a healthy dose of fun and respectable performance to boot. Thanks to its flexible and robust material, this bad boy can withstand just about anything you throw at it. And with two inbuilt arrow rests (shelves), it doesn’t matter if you’re a righty or a lefty – the Traditional Star has got you covered.

Just a heads up – the Traditional Star is designed to be more of a fun longbow than a serious, competition-grade one. It might not be perfectly straight out of the factory, but if you’re okay with that, it’s an absolute blast to use. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for competitive shooting, it’s perfect for those looking to have some light-hearted fun with archery.

  • Bow Length: 58 inches (147 cm)
  • Draw Weight: 20 – 35 lbs in 5 lbs steps
  • Grip: Straight grip with dark leather
  • String: Traditional Flight
  • Brace Height: 7 inches
  • Accessories: String, nock point

Wanting to try before you buy? Visit us at Primal Archery to have a look in person!


20lb, 25lb, 30lb


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