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Bearpaw Riser – Young Hero


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Introducing Bearpaw’s Young Hero risers, specially crafted for the budding archers of today. These risers are designed to cater to kids and young adults, providing them with a platform to unleash their archery potential. Made from a captivating combination of dark, smoky Actionwood, hard maple, and padouk accent stripes, these risers boast a visually striking and classic aesthetic that will inspire young archers.

Just like their counterparts in the Hero series, the Young Hero risers offer the flexibility to shoot off the shelf or use elevated arrow rests, accommodating the preferences of traditional archers. Bearpaw spares no expense in sourcing the highest quality materials for the Hero series, allowing young archers the freedom to use any high-performance bowstrings they desire. Each Young Hero riser includes inserts for sights, bow quivers, stabilizers, and plunger buttons, ensuring convenience and versatility for young archers as they grow and fine-tune their skills.

The Young Hero riser serves as the foundation for our Hero bows, available in a length of 54″. With Bearpaw’s extraordinary Young Hero risers, young archers can step confidently into the archery realm, where timeless elegance seamlessly blends with unmatched performance. It’s time to nurture the heroes of tomorrow with Bearpaw.


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