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Bearpaw Chapman Recurve


Prepare to be captivated by the sheer magnificence of the Chapman, meticulously designed for those who crave a perfect blend of beauty and raw power in a compact takedown bow.

Indulge your senses as the Penthalon Chapman showcases its irresistible Amazakoué/Ovangkol handle, leaving archers in awe of its unparalleled allure.

With a seductive draw length of 28 inches, surrender to the irresistible charm of its bow shape, for resistance is futile.

For those in pursuit of a commanding, comfortable, and venomous take-down recurve, the Chapman is the key to ultimate archery bliss.


Join the league of elite archers who have embraced the Penthalon Chapman – where power, comfort, and sass intertwine to create an unrivalled archery experience. Prepare to leave your mark on the target and make a statement with every shot.

  • Bow Length: 58 inches
  • Draw Weight: 20 -55 lbs in 5 lbs steps
  • Handle: Amazakoué / Ovangkol with ash and Mycarta accent stripes
  • Limbs: Maple and Bearpaw black glass
  • Tips: G10
  • Grip: deep Pistol grip
  • String: Whisper String (and all other high energy strings)
  • Brace Height: 8 inches

Wanting to try before you buy? Visit us at Primal Archery to have a look in person!


Unleash your archery prowess with the Penthalon Chapman, a sassy and powerful takedown recurve bow that embodies elegance, comfort, and unrivalled performance.


Left, Right


25lb, 30lb


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