How to Maintain Your Traditional Bow Equipment

Making bow cleaning a regular part of your routine is essential! Let’s explore the fundamentals of giving your bow the tender love and care it deserves!

Right handed Archer with her bow drawn and arrow pointing downrange. The photo is set outside with trees in the background at a low angle.

You’ll need:

  • A clean, dry cloth
  • A bit of warm, soapy water
  • A soft brush or toothbrush
  • Some wax or bowstring wax
  • A dash of love for your trusty bow

Step 1: Safety First!

Always make sure your bow is of course unloaded and unstrung before cleaning. Safety is our top priority, remember?

Step 2: Wipe it Down

Grab that clean cloth and give your bow a gentle wipe down to remove any dirt or grime. Be gentle; we don’t want any scratches!

Step 3: String Care

Your bowstring is like the heartbeat of your setup. Grab that soft brush or toothbrush to banish dirt and debris from both the string and those pesky string nocks.

Now, if your string is looking a bit parched or fuzzy, don’t sweat it. A smidge of bowstring wax is the secret sauce. Warm it up gently with your hands, working it into every strand – not just the outer surface. Remember, a little wax goes a long way. We want that string to stay clear of any excess wax buildup and remain silky smooth.

While it’s usually best to use specially formulated bowstring wax for your bowstring maintenance, in a pinch, you can turn to some household alternatives like beeswax, paraffin wax, surfboard wax, or even a natural lip balm. However, we advise using these sparingly as a last-minute option.

Giving your bow some regular TLC with bowstring wax can work wonders. It not only spruces up the string’s appearance but also enhances its sound and performance. So, promise never to neglect that trusty string of yours!

Step 4: Limb Love

Give those limbs some love – they’re the powerhouse of your bow. We know you’ve already done your daily pre-shoot limb check to ensure they’re damage-free. Now, let’s chat about the post-shoot clean-up.

Grab a soft, lint-free cloth or a trusty microfibre towel. Gently wipe down your limbs; it’s like giving them a refreshing spa treatment. This gets rid of all the dust, sweat (and if you’ve been having one of those days, maybe even a tear or two) and any sneaky body oils that tend to accumulate.

This is also the perfect moment to clear away any extra bowstring wax that might have migrated over during stringing or storage. We don’t want it becoming a magnet for dirt and debris, right?

And don’t overlook those limb tips and string grooves! They’re the places where your bowstring and limbs come together, and any grit here can wear down your bowstring in no time.

While we absolutely steer clear of dry-firing, use this time for a quick check-up. Look out for any signs of delamination, cracks, or splinters. Occasionally, these issues pop up due to mismatched arrows or other unexpected challenges on the range. While such damage is rare, it’s always a smart move to stay vigilant. If you spot any red flags, it’s best to consult a pro.

Step 5: Store it Right

Make sure to house your bow in a cool, dry spot. Humidity isn’t a friend to bows, so steer clear if you can. And when it comes to storage or hitting the road, don’t forget your trusty bow case for that added layer of protection.

Now, the Aussie sun? She can be a real menace, so keep your bow out of direct sunlight. It’ll thank you for it.

Step 6: Regular TLC

Maintaining your bow by ensuring that cleaning is a part of your post-archery routine will not only increase the longevity of your bow but help with it’s performance. A little effort goes a long way in keeping your bow in primo condition – after all, you’ve spent a lot of money on your pride and joy!

There you have it, a simple guide to keeping your bow squeaky clean and ready for your next archery adventure. Your bow will thank you with bullseyes galore!

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