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Little Sioux Bundle – LH


Get ready to watch your kiddo’s archery adventures take flight with the Little Sioux Bundle – the ultimate friend for tiny archers on their big archery journey!

Kit includes:

  • Little Sioux Longbow – Left Handed
  • Arm guard
  • XXS Shooting Glove
  • Side Quiver
  • 3 Wooden Arrows

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Get ready for the ultimate kit to spark the love of archery in our youngest adventurers!

This awesome bundle has everything your little archer needs to dive into the fun: an Arm guard, Shooting Glove, Side Quiver, and 3 Wooden Arrows, all paired with the adorable Little Sioux Longbow.

Crafted with kids in mind, the Little Sioux Longbow is not just any bow—it’s a sleek and confidence-boosting choice for our tiny archers aged 3-6 years. With its manageable size and cool design, it’s sure to make them feel like archery pros!

Made with a maple riser, black glass limbs, and a comfy straight longbow grip, the Little Sioux Longbow offers a draw weight range of 10-15 lbs at 18 inches. Plus, with its whisper string and perfect brace height of 4 1/2 inches, shooting feels smooth and easy for our little ones.


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