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Leather 3 Finger Archery Glove


Ah, the joys of traditional archery – the thrill of the hunt, the satisfying thunk of the arrow hitting the target, and the unmistakable feeling of looking like a total badass with a bow in your hand. But wait a minute… what’s that you’re wearing on your fingers? A finger tab? Come on, now – you’re better than that. Upgrade to the Leather 3 Finger Archery Glove and really embrace that traditional archery vibe!

Crafted from genuine leather and reinforced for maximum durability, this glove will make you feel like a true master of the bow. Say goodbye to painful finger blisters and hello to hours of pain-free shooting, even with bows over 30 pounds. And with black or brown options available, you can complete your leather-clad look and really turn heads on the range.

But the benefits don’t stop there, folks – this glove is also super easy to clean. Just use any leather cleaning product to keep it looking and feeling like new. So if you’re serious about traditional archery, don’t settle for a finger tab. Upgrade to the Leather 3 Finger Archery Glove and shoot like a true pro. Your fingers will thank you!


Large, Medium, Small, X Large, X Small, XX Small


Black, Brown


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