Kaya Black Cat


The Kaya Black Cat is a sleek animal.

These handcrafted bows are steeped in the tradition and history of Korean craftsmen. The maple and carbon is covered with a matte finished textured wrap.

They can be shot either right or left handed and as well as looking good, the wrap gives protection against bumps and scratches.

The short 46″ length make it perfect for horse archery, but don’t let the short length fool you; it can still handle a draw up to 30″

  • Made From : Carbon, fibre glass and hard maple limb face covered with textured wrap
  • Bow Length : 46″
  • Draw Weight : 20 to 60# up to 30 inches

The materials used combined with it’s unique C shape of the Korean bows makes this one of the best traditional bow for that price.


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