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Deluxe Wooden Arrows (x3)


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Let me fill you in on our deluxe arrows. We don’t mess around when it comes to craftsmanship. We start by meticulously sorting through hundreds of Port Orford Cedar shafts to select sets that match in spine within 5lb and weight within 10 grain. Once we have our perfect sets, we sand each shaft down and seal them with polyurethane lacquer. And let’s not forget about the finishing touches – we use Italian points and German feathers and nocks to create the ultimate traditional arrow.

And let me tell you, that’s not even the best part. We go the extra mile and offer you the ability to customize the colours of your arrows. Each set is made to order, so you can create a personalized look that’s as unique as you are. Because let’s be real, when you’re out there on the field, you want your gear to reflect your individual style and flare.

So, whether you want to match your team’s colours or stand out from the crowd with your own signature look, we’ve got you covered. Our  deluxe arrows are not only meticulously crafted but also tailored to your preferences. Trust us, once you get your hands on these customized arrows, you won’t want to shoot with anything else.

Quantity: 3 arrows

Shaft: 30″ Port Orford Cedar 

Spine: <30lb to 70lb (in 5lb increments)

Weight: Matched to within 10 grain (0.65 gram)

Finish: Satin Lacquer

Point: Brass Bullets (screw-on)

Fletching: 4″ Shield-Cut Turkey Feathers or 5″ Shield-Cut Turkey Feathers

Nocks: Plastic

You don’t just want to hear about these arrows, you want to feel ’em in your hands. And lucky for you, you can come check ’em out at Primal Archery! We’ve got the real deal – customizable, deluxe wooden arrows that are crafted to perfection. Come see us and let’s take your archery game to the next level.


Listen up, legends! We create each of these arrows to order, so we ask that you keep your pants on – it might take a couple of days before we can get them shipped out to you. But trust us, it’s worth the wait for something this good!


30-35lb, 35-40lb, 40-45lb, 45-50lb, 50-55lb, 55-60lb, 60-65lb, 65-70lb, Less Than 30lb

Hen/Double Feather

Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Fluro Green, Fluro Yellow, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Olive Green, Orange, Pluro Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White, Yellow

Index/Single Feather

Black, White


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