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Bearpaw Riser – Hero Short (62″)


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Bearpaw Hero Short risers boast an irresistible blend of dark, smoky Actionwood, complemented by accent stripes of hard maple and padouk, creating a truly captivating and timeless aesthetic.

Designed to cater to the diverse preferences of traditional archers, the Hero risers offer the flexibility to shoot off the shelf or utilize elevated arrow rests, ensuring a personalized shooting experience.

Crafted with utmost precision and using only top-quality materials, Bearpaw’s Hero series guarantees archers the freedom to choose any high-performance bowstrings that suit their individual style and requirements.

Equipped with inserts for sights, bow quivers, stabilizers, and pressure buttons, every Hero riser is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of archers seeking excellence in their equipment.

The short riser from the Hero Series serves as the foundation for the Hero bows, available in 62 inches.


Left Handed, Right Handed


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