Traditional Hip Quiver


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Just like any other quiver the Traditional Hip Quiver is great for storing your arrows and walk around with a good supply of ammunition.

These quivers Come in brown and Black and are made of thick premium soft leather to be sturdy and durable. They have 18 holsters to make sure that even if you are running or on horse back the arrows will remain in place. In addition to this you can fit an extra 40 arrows in there. You will not run out of arrows with these babies!

The design is built after years of testing with other quivers from all over the world. Soul Archer has come up with these great Asiatic style hip quivers for all of your arrow holding needs.

The hip quiver is perfect for walking around at the club with all your arrows in gear.

Unlike the Traditional Leather Back Quiver these go on your hip and can be easily adjusted and spun around to be facing forwards or backwards

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