Surtees Longbow


Each Surtees Longbow is made to order by local bowyer Matt Surtees. Matt works in Australian native timbers and exotics, and can do special inlays and finishes on request.

The longbow pictured is the standard design, with limbs made in American White Oak and an Australian Sheoak riser. The timber used is dependent on availability; if you have any particular requests, Matt will accommodate them where possible.

Each bow is supplied with a Flemish String and bow-bag, and is suitable for arrow weights of 10gn per pound (or more).

As each bow is made to order, delivery time is 4 – 6 weeks plus shipping.

The standard bow is $630, with a deposit of $250 payable once all details are finalised. If you’d like to request a bow, or more information, please fill out the form below or Contact Us.

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