Istvan Toth Scythian Youth Bow


  • String Length:?45??(116 cm)
  • Strung Bow Length:?47? (119 cm)
  • Measured at :?26 Inches
  • Maximum Draw Length: 28″
  • Materials Used:?Fibgreglass for limbs, leather cover
  • Brace Height:?6? (16 cm)

Used for youth and easy target shooting. ?It has a short draw, ?and easy pull.

Ideal for young and old archers alike who want a lighter bow with a shorter draw. Ideal for live-action role playing (meets SCA weight restrictions).

Recommended for ages 12+

Can’t find the right amount of Draw Weight?
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20lb Tan, 22lb Teal, 22lb Tan, 25lb Brown, 25lb Grey, Custom


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