Istvan Toth Crim Tatar Horse Bow

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  • String Length:?48? (122 cm)
  • Strung Bow Length:?50? (127 cm)
  • Measured at :?28 Inches
  • Maximum Draw Length:?30″
  • Materials Used:?Fibgreglass for limbs, Wooden Syhas and leather covers
  • Brace Height:?6 1/2? (16.5 cm)

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The Crimean Tatars was the name of the Ancient Ukranians. The bows and skilled archers coming from that land were derived by years of battles and war with the Mongolians and the acquisiton of their bow design.

Comparable to the Mongolian?s speed, the Tatar has a smoother release and a unique tip (syha) design .

The stiff tips (syhas) are?made of ash wood with horn tips and Strike Plates to protect the leather when shooting the arrows making the bows beautifully decorated and visually pleasing. These?bows are not restricted by an arrow rest, allowing the flexibility to shoot right and left-handed, Western or Eastern style.

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23lb Tan, 23lb Lt Brown, 24lb Lt Brown, 26lb Cream, 27lb Dark Brown, 28lb Lt Brown, 29lb Dark Brown, 30lb Black, 31lb Dark Brown, 32lb Dark Brown, 33lb Tan, 34lb Dark Brown, 35lb Black, 36lb Tan, 37lb Dark Brown, 38lb Tan, 39lb Black, 40lb Black, 43lb Dark Brown, 45lb Black, Custom

2 reviews for Istvan Toth Crim Tatar Horse Bow

  1. Will

    I have enjoyed shooting this bow and strongly recommend it for anyone who is new to archery or just looking for something different. The accuracy is great and the service has been amazing.

    • mostro32

      Thank you for the comments Will,
      I hope you enjoy the bow and shoot if for many years to come.

  2. Jono

    Great bow! It’s a really good choice for those who have some experience is archery, (Usually with a fibreglass recurve or something). The bow itself is extremely well decorated and has a good balance between being smooth and having power when shot. Amazing piece of work.

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