Istvan Toth Childs Bow


Unleash your youthful archery prowess with Toth’s Childs Bow, a lightweight choice for easy target shooting for anyone with a short draw.

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Introducing Istvan Toth’s Child Bow, the ultimate choice for young archers and those seeking an effortless target shooting experience. This bow is as light as a feather and packs a punch in performance. With its short draw and easy pull, it’s like shooting with a breeze!

Designed to accommodate teens and smaller adults, this bow is a perfect fit for anyone with a short draw or the heart of a child. Ranging from 10# to 30# (measured at 24″), it offers the perfect balance of power and precision.

Measuring at 43½” (110.5 cm) when unstrung and 401/4″ (102.25 cm) when strung, this bow is compact yet mighty. The string length of 39½” (100 cm) ensures a snappy and accurate shot every time. And with an average brace height of 6 3/4″ (17.2 cm), you’ll experience a smooth and comfortable shooting experience like never before.

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16lb @ 24" Dark Brown, 18lb @ 24" Black, Custom


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