Deluxe Wooden Arrows (Dozen)


Shaft: 30″ Port Orford Cedar

Spine: <30lb to 70lb (in 5lb increments)

Weight: Matched to within 10 grain (0.65 gram)

Finish: Satin Lacquer

Point: Brass Bullets (screw-on)

Vanes: 4″ Shield-Cut Turkey Feathers

Nocks: Plastic

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We put a lot of care into our deluxe arrows.

We start by sorting through hundreds of the Port Orford Cedar shafts, to choose sets with matching spine (within 5lb) and weight (within 10 grain). Then we sand the shafts, and seal them with polyurethane lacquer. We finish with Italian points and German feathers and nocks to create an outstanding traditional arrow!

The Deluxe Arrows will fly true, and make shooting your traditional bow a pleasure!

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Less Than 30lb (Blue & White), 30-35lb (Yellow & Black), 35-40lb (Orange & Black), 40-45lb (Olive & Brown), 45-50lb (Grey & White), 50-55lb (Red & Grey), 55-60lb (Red & Black), 60-65lb (Black & Olive), 65-70lb (Green & White), Help me to choose!


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